About Us

What is a Local Coordinator?

Local Coordinators are integral and independent persons at specific locations or in various cities. They represent there area of living or working in their local communities. The men and women who serve as Local Coordinators are from all backgrounds, experiences and walks of life. They all share an interest in promoting global understanding through international exchanges and enjoy spending time with individuals from around the world.

What are the qualifications to become a Local Coordinator?

  • Have the desire to do something new and meet new peoples in their life.
  • Enjoy spending time with and assisting individuals from around the world.
  • Are self-starters who enjoy working with people?

What will I gain from being a Local Coordinator?

Aside from the fun and rewarding experiences. Local Coordinators are compensated for their work and commitment. As an independent contractor, you will receive monetary compensation for the work you do.

Additionally, Local Coordinators who work passionately and do their assignments on time with accuracy will get additional benefits.

How do I become a Local Coordinator?

Simply complete the Local Coordinator Request Form, and submit it. You will then be contacted by Concern Team to complete the application process, which will include an application, online criminal background check, references. After you will get your appointment letter and an Identity Card on your Mail and a Hard Copy by Post also

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